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Delle Donne provided an emotional lift for her team and Emma Meesseman and Kristi Toliver carried the offense. Meesseman had 21 points, including nine to start the fourth quarter, and Toliver added 20 points and 10 assists. Washington will try and close out the series on Tuesday night in Connecticut.

Delle Donne hit an early three-pointer and the Mystics made six of their nine shots from behind the arc in the first quarter to take a lead after 10 minutes. Washington, who were for on threes, led by as many as 17 points in the first half. It was before the Sun went on a run and Washington led at the break.

Stage 2 : Brussels (TTT) -

But that means Sauerbrunn and Dahlkemper need to be perfect if the Dutch break out. Beerensteyn and Miedema have taken turns in the extreme forward role, and if they get free, the Americans could be in trouble. A corner falls to Lavelle and she reaches back and RIPS a shot that hits van Veenendaal right in the mitts as she dives! Best chance of the game, but she stood up to it. She sprints out and whales the ball away with her right foot, but that could have been disastrous.

The United States is pressing the center quite a bit in the first half, trying to play balls ahead of its forwards and try to get the Dutch defense backtracking. The Netherlands wins the ball in midfield and, after a stop and start exchange, reaches the top of the U. The attack is broken up there, but worth noting Crystal Dunn got pulled inside by the threat, leaving an open player behind her on the wing. She has done that often in this World Cup and has avoided being punished so far.

But it only takes one Two things will please the Dutch about this game so far: one is that we have made it 13 minutes in and the United States has not yet scored: a fast start has been a characteristic of American games so far in this tournament.

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If the Netherlands can extend that to — say — 20 minutes, then we will have a game on our hands. The second is that they are matching their opponents physically. If the Netherlands was not such a refined soccer nation, associated with art and beauty and all that is pure about the game, you would say that they have resolved to try to rough the Americans up a little bit. She slid in late on Lavelle; no play on the ball, and a deserved yellow.

The United States has scored at least once in the first 12 minutes of every match in this World Cup. The Netherlands catches the United States and rushes up on the left. But a switching ball to change the point of attack sails aimlessly out of bounds for a throw.

That looked like nerves, or excitement, but wasting chances like that is something the Dutch cannot afford to do often. It is quite hard to underestimate the scale of the American takeover of Lyon: this morning, certainly, there was no street that did not contain at least one person carrying the Stars and Stripes, or draping it over their shoulders, or wearing it on their pants.

On the trams streaming out of Lyon toward the stadium, American fans outnumbered the Dutch by some considerable order of magnitude: three to one? Four to one? Given that the Netherlands is, famously, quite a lot closer to France than the United States, and given that the Dutch generally travel in vast quantities, that they should be in such a minority is testament to the pulling power of this United States team. There is one bank of Dutch fans, in that vibrant orange, but most of the rest of the stands are dominated by Americans.

The players were roared from the field when their warm-up session ended; each name was cheered when the starting lineup was read out, and none more so than Megan Rapinoe, the captain, and the standard-bearer for this squad. That says a lot, too, about the team and its fans and the bond between them: her unapologetic activism, her outspokenness, makes her more popular, not less.

That is the biggest question for Sarina Wiegman answered, too: Martens starts. Do not underestimate the Dutch today. They also are the reigning European champion, and they believe correctly they have earned their title shot.

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Gritty and resilient, they have shown a knack for waiting teams out and scoring late goals, and they surprised some by holding off a Japan team that seemed sure to beat them in the round of Yes, it will take a Herculean effort. But they are good enough to win this. Our World Cup final preview is here, and in it we make the case for each team to prevail.

While the United States is favored, remember that journalists root for good stories, not specific results. Once the game kicks off, there are a few things to watch for that may give you an early hint of how the match might go:. The United States has scored early in every one of its games at the World Cup — in the first 12 minutes to be exact.

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Look for the Americans to come out with their foot on the gas again today. The Dutch like possession, and the United States has seemed willing to concede it at times, especially in the second half of matches it is leading. Having the ball could give the Dutch a welcome sense of control over matters early, and that could be important. But the United States also could invite danger if it grabs a lead and then decides to sit back and guard it too early. Read our full preview here.


Not everyone, of course, is happy about that. That's not just the largest top prize in esports history -- it could also be a windfall for each of the five team members. While golf and tennis frontrunners may be more famous overall, there's little doubt that it's very lucrative to be a top-tier esports player.

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Before you drop your racquet and pick up a keyboard and mouse, it's important to remember the caveats. The International may be huge, but it's only one major event -- top-level tennis has three other Grand Slams besides Wimbledon. And unlike tennis or golf, even the most successful esports careers tend to be short as the necessary hyper-fast reflexes fade quickly.

Nonetheless, it's hard to look at these figures without at least raising an eyebrow. Competitive gaming now involves massive amounts of money , and that makes it difficult to ignore. For the first time in Dota history the reigning champions have defended their crown. The team that defied the odds to win last year, has reclaimed the Aegis of Champions in The International