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Dr Richard Dawood said travel in the region remains safe.


This has been reported in the news media as possibly indicating a significant risk to travel more generally, and has understandably given rise to some anxiety. Foreign travellers undertaking the usual tourist activities in these countries are not considered to be at risk.

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The third plague pandemic - after the Black Death and an earlier outbreak in the Roman Empire, said to have killed as many as 50 million people - came from China in From there it spread throughout Asia. The WHO still considered the pandemic active as recently as The Black Death in England, beginning in Weymouth in June before reaching London by the summer of , killed as much as 60 per cent of the population.

The plague returned in , claiming the lives of one fifth of the populace, and again a number of times on a smaller scale, before one of the final outbreaks, the Great Plague of London in , which killed , people in the capital. As corpses piled up in the streets of London, great mass graves were dug across the city and surrounding countryside.

In the year previous, engineers working on the Crossrail Project unearthed 14 bodies in Charterhouse Square in Farringdon, revealing a previously unknown Black Death plague pit. Eyam in Derbyshire has become known as the Plague Village after its residents, during an outbreak in , chose to isolate themselves rather than let the infection spread.

The Exterminator: Pestilence Rising by Citra Productions @ 48 Hour Film Project

Painting showing the plague in Constantinople. Credit: Walters Art Museum. Justinian I is often credited as the most influential Byzantine emperor, but his reign also coincided with one of the first well-documented outbreaks of plague.

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The pandemic is believed to have originated in Africa and then spread to Europe through infected rats on merchant ships. It reached the Byzantine capital of Constantinople in A. According to accounts by the ancient historian Procopius, the victims demonstrated many of the classic symptoms of bubonic plague, including sudden fever and swollen lymph nodes.

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  • Even after it subsided in Byzantium, the plague continued to reappear in Europe, Africa and Asia for several years, causing widespread famine and devastation. It is believed to have killed at least 25 million people, but the actual death toll may have been much higher. Scene of the plague in Florence.

    In , a virulent strain of plague invaded Europe from the East, most likely via Italian sailors returning home from Crimea. The populations of whole towns were wiped out, and it was said that the living spent most of their time burying the dead in mass graves. Some Christians even blamed it on Jews and launched bloody pogroms. The Black Death finally subsided in the West around , but not before it killed as many as 50 million people—more than half the population of Europe.

    While the pandemic left much of the continent in disarray, many historians also believe that the labor shortages it caused were a boon to lower class workers, who saw increased economic and social mobility. Drawing of the Great Plague in Milan. The rise in reported plague morbidity has continued worldwide in the s Fig. There has been a clear shift in the geographical distribution of plague over the last half-century.

    Plague Cases in California: What's Behind the Rise?

    In the s plague was primarily a problem of Asia, with some plague also occurring in the Americas. During the early s there was an increased plague activity in the Americas, and the beginning of plague activity in Africa as well. During the last half of the s and early s there was a large plague epidemic in Viet Nam, which accounted for most of the plague activity in Asia, and plague became a more regular occurrence in Africa. During the last 20 years, reported cases of plague have increased dramatically Africa, a trend that is still continuing.

    2. The Black Death

    A plague epidemic in Viet Nam from to was largely responsible for the increased plague activity during the mid-sixties. This epidemic is considered to have been largely a result of the defoliation of vast areas during military operations, as well as the disruption of the economy, ecosystem and infrastructure as a result of prolonged armed conflict. If an epidemic in Viet Nam had not taken place the global trends shown in Fig. Africa Beginning in the s, there has been a steep upward trend in the number of plague cases in Africa.

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    There were a total of 19 cases and deaths in Africa from to , comprising Two of these countries, namely the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Madagascar have notified cases of human plague virtually every year, and Madagascar 4 and the United Republic of Tanzania have accounted for