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Feb Posted by Ryan Hurd. As I read this, spontaneous images immediately welled up in my mind from some of the most horrifying moments of my life that were not only chilling but also erotically charged: sleep paralysis night-mares. During sleep paralysis , terror and the erotic often come together in a dizzying array of ambiguity. It is precisely this ambiguity — am I safe?

Is it okay to feel this way? This makes me wonder about the direct influence of erotic sleep paralysis nightmares on culture and literature. By outlining the experiential roots of the real life succubus, as well as some of the science behind it, I hope to start a discussion about this potential correlation as well as the significance of this neuro-mythological pattern in the human psyche. The sound was exactly that of my wife walking into the room in her slacks and overcoat, but I knew that my wife was actually at work.

I decided to roll with it — with the thought, in other words, that this could be a spirit-walker sent by my wife, a part of her soul. It made sense at the time. My eyes were seemingly closed, so I next felt her sit down on the bed next to me. The mattress sank and I could feel her presence palpably. Then I felt her lips on my own, soft and warm. I relaxed further and my desire swelled intensely, all at once. She embraced me passionately.

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At this point, my vision somewhat returned and I could make out the face of the woman kissing me. My stomach roiled and passion turned to grappling terror. I woke up immediately, absolutely freaked out. Perhaps you have had the experience before yourself. It happens like this: the more you struggle, the more it feels like you are being held down. You may even detect a presence in the room, hovering near the bed, or perhaps in the corner of the room. Then come the visions. About 14 to 18 percent of the time, sleep paralysis victims come to face to face with an otherworldly entity.

This is the incubus or succubus encounter male and female spirits, respectively , recently popularized through the Canadian paranormal show Lost Girl. Yet sometimes the encounter rides a thin line between horror and eros, in which the victim is both turned on and horrified simultaneously. This phenomenon has been little explored due to all of the nested taboos demon sex? Neurologically, sleep paralysis visitations occur when the brain is in REM sleep, also known as dreaming sleep.

However, sleep paralysis visions are no ordinary dream, as they occur when REM sleep intrudes into wakefulness. The mind is awake, but the body is asleep, resulting in bizarre bodily feelings and sensations as we notice our own perfectly normal muscle paralysis that comes along with REM. Why so sexy, though? As it turns out, REM can be a physiologically aroused state of mind.

Dream orgasms and pleasure during sleep paralysis are possible — and for some people common — due to this basic biological fact.

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Sleep paralysis is a common symptom of sleep conditions like narcolepsy and sleep apnea, but it can also come unbidden to millions of others due to stressors such sleep restriction, anxiety, and over-medication. In these cases, sleep paralysis can be managed by attending to lifestyle habits. The natural occurrence of the erotic night-mare, along with its cross-cultural expression and deep historic presence , suggests to me that terror and sexuality are neurologically linked, and that each can serve as the gateway to the other. Both erotic and horrific images, for example, lower the heart rate and increase the galvanic skin response compared to other images.

Walton, a reader of my blog DreamStudies. I was [sleeping and] lying on my stomach, on top of this beautiful woman, having sex, she was saying things, and the sex got more intense, at the point near orgasm I awoke to sleep paralysis, and I hallucinated me on top of a white skinned, blue-lipped dead body. It sounds negative, but I found it to be exciting in an odd way. Novelist and dream worker Robert Moss has also walked this line. In his case, the sexual and horrifying nature of the visionary encounter leads to a transformation of the entity as well as an invitation to delve further into the dreaming imagination.

Moss recalls how, as a teenager, a disgusting hag with multiple arms and withered breasts entered his bedroom and accosted him. He was completely paralyzed as the hag crawled up the bed, stomped on his chest, and then lowered herself onto him. Moss explains how,. Despite my disgust, I am aroused and now she is riding me. Her teeth are like daggers. My chest is spattered by blood and foulness from the rotting heads.

There is nothing for me to do but stay with this. I tell myself I will survive. At last, the act is done. Satisfied, the nightmare hag transforms into a beautiful young woman. She smells like jasmine, like sandalwood. She takes me by the hand to a forest shrine. I forget about the body I have left frozen in the bed.

The rising levels of confusion open us up to new levels of vulnerability that neither passion can achieve alone. This realm may be an example of neurognosis at work: the idea that unconscious patterns of wisdom are hidden inside the psyche, waiting for us to have the courage, patience, or training to unlock them. We have enough troubles! Nor am I suggesting that social views towards consensual sexuality and the politics of rape should be doubted due to this curious phenomenon.

Rather, my curiosity today extends only into the reaches of imagination, creativity, and entertainment, which appear to have some curious bedfellows nonetheless. Bookmark the permalink. If I may be allowed to comment, …. What the conscience minds can not make logical to our own unique standards, the creative side will fill in the grey areas no pun intended the blanks usually during sleep. Often times I have had the experience of a woman approach me.

She taunts me, as she is already disrobed. Sometimes it goes into great detail, other times not.

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I have been living with this issue for many years. I know this woman is Satan, and she knows I know. Do you really think you are visited by satan or just a legionairre of satan? Very interesting article, Ryan. I would say the same about all types of horror, whether erotic or not.

Succubi victims unite! I am presenting on the topic of creative sleep paralysis at an upcoming dream conference actually and have found a number of modern artists who have been directly influenced by their SP. I wrote on this topic with respect to Coleridge for a paper. I found a book in my school library called Coleridge And The Daemonic Imagination by Gregory Leadbetter, which was wholly fascinating, so I had a good excuse to get a little bit crazy. My closing argument was effectively that what happened in Rime Of The Ancient Mariner was kinesthetic. I also recommend Dr.

Wilhelm Reich to study up on. I wrote a paper for school that is on my blog. My thought was that when the albatross falls from his neck, like lead, and he finds the room to pray again, its analogous to lament or sighing. Wilhelm Reich believed that people had a sort of character armouring that, if manipulated think yoga, or qi gong, etc..

In massage, his work is highly regarded.

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Daemonic-Dread is another similar idea analogous to Dr. I like korean shamanism a lot because they equate lament from suffering as a catalyst for receiving blessings or boons. Im just wondering are you looking for people tthat this has happened to?? It has to me but wanna make sure thats what your looking for??!!

Hi Andy, sure if you want to share. His heart was over-sized and responsible for both his lethargy and night visions. I never made the connection between sleep paralysis and the Fall of the House of Usher, but it does make sense. I have experienced sleep paralysis with the usual accompaniments — desire but inability to scream, restricted breathing, demonic presence — but never one that turned erotic.

I also wonder about instances where the succubus turns into an object of desire and whether they might signify a relapse into normal REM sleep mode. Any good sources to point me towards? Juicy stuff. I think the sexuality is more about individual differences than anything else, with some good old fashioned expectation effects too just like with lucid dreaming.

As Stephen LaBerge is fond of saying — lucid outcomes are products of expectation more than anything else …. There was a comprehensive article I read a long time ago about the habits of writers and artists — mostly the Romantics — and it confirmed Fuseli as a raw meat eater. I think the article appeared in a late 19th century American literary magazine. I have also found the same repeated in various biographies.

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Blogging can feel rather lonely sometimes. I am pleased to see The Teeming Brain continue to explore this area as a fascinating phenomenon that encompasses several disciplines of study. As an individual who experienced sleep paralysis and feelings of a presence in the past, and as a scholar who remains interested in the paranormal and its influence on the human experience and expression in folklore, literature, film and television, this is a welcome and helpful exploration. I look forward to digesting the referenced sources, some of which I had not seen before.

I am not sure if this has happend to me but, i have had dream when i have sex with women. All of them brown hair but i have never had the sleep paralysis. I am a pretty spiritual person ratjer than relgious. I wear an el cevache necklace. Do you think this has something to do with it? Please email me. This is so…great. Which is really weird. When this feeling sets in, I start seeing a demon. You know what I do? I think of sex — it works sometimes.

When I can think, though, the demon disappears, and whoever I think of is just there with me. Later I feel guilty about it the sex. Recently, whenever paralysis sets in, I panic and actually manage to move my hands before anything forms in front of my face. Absolutely not my case. For about ten years off and on I had Succubus experiences. She looked much like the graphic you have of a succubus with flaming red hair. I would become aware of somebody straddling me and having the most passionate sex imaginable. I had previously been in a twelve year marriage where we had great sex.

At the time I just dismissed the experiences as an overactive libido.

No such luck this was the real succubus deal. These experiences left me a little messed me up and I kept looking for her and at some point I said this is just ridiculous and had a shamanic friend chase her away.

Nocturnal Desires: Erotic Tales for the Sensual Soul

She has not come back. I have an inquisitive mind and inner explorations are richly rewarded even built my own John C Lilly floatation tank once we get our bearings in the space. You and some of your high bandwidth pals here might be interested in learning more about accessing your atrophied pituitary and pineal DMT glands.

Kicking up the bandwidth waiting for those who get those golden glands working. Alright so this just happened to me last night. Just want to share my experience. We just talked, getting to know each other. Asking different personal questions. I mean im only Well she thought otherwise. She started laughing hysterically, almost violently. I got somewhat pissed because she just kept laughing. So I try waking myself up. Glaring into my eyes.

Next thing I know im falling forward onto the bed and land face down, which happens to be the exact way I was sleeping on the floor. I am the craving, he is my fix fueling our fires In lustrous desire. Indeed I am the salted mist of the sea The vengeful sting of the worker bee. Pretorian-esque when I buzz about, A sensual approach as I mount.

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Like a mouse in a sticky trap, she squirms to escape my lustful wrath. Covering her in my adore, Cursing her with bliss forevermore. We are the scorched remains of lust, fires burning souls yearning naked abandonement imprinting upon primal senses. Like fingers in so much hair.

A curse of black mist rising in me. If I am the succubus then he is my master, puppeteering my desire, fingering my needs to his command. His touch is the black leather choker at my slender neck. His voice the liberating echo of passion that lubricates my strings…. Each kiss overflowing with lust, each kiss a binding promise of trust, each kiss an exchange of power… And if I am his succubus, a vessel of need then he is my master and from him alone I feed, for there in his kisses, his touch and his eyes, is an abundance of love filling my skies. Once upon a day gone by beneath a deafening thunderous sky.

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