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Place palms together, moving them back and forth as if swimming. This little tune is often used during transitions, especially when getting the kiddos settled for group or circle time. Related: Simple Rhyming Games for Preschoolers.

The first artist that always comes to mind is Jack Hartmann! He has a lot of silly, fun, movable music for teaching children a variety of topics. They contain wonderful nursery rhymes done in different musical genres. I think Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs is full of fun rhyming songs for preschool and kindergarten kiddos.

You can check out Dr. As with the other artists on this list, pretty much everything by this group is awesome. They feature classic songs with fun melodies that kids of all ages always seem to enjoy! What are some of your favorite fingerplays and rhyming songs for preschool and kindergarten kiddos?

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We have thematic lesson plans , math and STEM activities , and literacy activities. For even more savings, be sure to take a look at our membership options. We use affiliate links and may earn commission from purchases made through those links. Past Fun! Simply perfect to sing while you are eating sausages!

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Go Bananas, Peel Bananas Very fun nursery rhyme and camp song! The kids simply love this! Hot Cross Buns Nursery rhyme about delicious hot cross buns. You will find a recipe here as well Humpty Dumpty An traditional English nursery rhyme about an egg. Short but fascinating. I'm a Little Teapot This nursery rhyme is perfect to sing while the kids are having "tea party".

10 Preschool Songs About Colors

Johny Johny In this nursery rhyme Johny eats sugar and lies about it. Little Miss Muffet Little Miss Muffet was eating her curds and whey when she was frightened by a spider. Little Poll Parrot Popular song about a parrot eating toast and tea! Let the kids learn how their food is produced.

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Oranges and Lemons English rhyme that mentions both food oranges and lemons and places in London. One Potato, Two Potato Short rhyme about potatoes. Perfect when you are cooking with the children! Pat-a-cake Maybe the oldest nursery rhyme still in use! But Pat-a-cake is still popular! Pease Porridge Hot Nursery Rhyme that is perfect to sing while thekids are eating their porridge!

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers Ten Green Bottles Nursery rhyme about ten green bottles that is great for teaching counting backwards. The Farmer in the Dell In this popular singing game, we also find a cheese. This song might make you hungry Three Little Kittens A rhyme about three little kittens, their mittens, their mother, and a pie!

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Nursery Rhymes About Food Food is an important part of life. Enjoy singing about food! You might get hungry Another service by MG. Blow Wind, Blow. Rhyme that illustrates the relationship between energy wind and food bread.

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Five Fat Sausages. A funny rhyme about five fat sausages. Hot Cross Buns. Nursery rhyme about delicious hot cross buns. Hickety Pickety. Nursery rhyme about the black hen Hickety Pickety who lays eggs for gentlemen. Humpty Dumpty.

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