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Not only does this oven method free you from needing to constantly tend the bacon while it cooks, but it also produces superior results. Stock your fridge with salsa, eggs, and cheese, and keep a bag of day-old tortillas chips around to instantly throw together this filling, comforting, sobering meal. Rich truffle butter and a heap of radicchio di Treviso put this "toast 'n' eggs" in a class of its own.

Add roasted sweet potato or cooked grains to make it even more hearty. Savory fruit toast is the new avocado toast.

7 Easy Weekend Brunch Recipes

If you want to make these without buttermilk, substitute 2 cups alt-milk plus 2 Tbsp. This simple dish of fresh smashed avocado, ripe heirloom tomato, and perfectly poached eggs is finished delicately with fresh lemon juice, herbs, and sea salt. Eggs on toast goes veggie-centric with quick-pickled veg and marinated feta. Everything except the croutons can be made ahead, and any weekday can start off this colorful. Assemble this easy sausage, egg, and cheese strata the night before you plan to bake it.

Then toss it straight from the fridge into the oven—no need to preheat! The appearance of tahini cookies, tahini brownies, and halvah sundaes at restaurants helped boost tahini out of the hummus bowl and into the pastry case. This tahini quick bread recipe will make you a believer too. Imagine a mash-up of cinnamon toast, bread pudding, and pie. Now grab whatever fruit you have lying around from berries and stone fruit to apples and pears and make it. All the ingredients get whipped together in a blender for a super-airy texture and minimal cleanup.

Valentine's Day 2018: 5 Romantic Breakfast in Bed Ideas To Celebrate Love!

It's worth the effort to order the special chocolate batons, which make the difference between an excellent pain au chocolat and an ordinary one. Blending together yogurt, mango, and matcha makes a refreshing smoothie with an energizing caffeine boost and a good dose of protein. Don't just wake up to coffee and toast, wake up to coffee on toast with this caffeinated breakfast spread that's reminiscent of your favorite milky latte. When you have some herbs threatening to go past their prime in the crisper drawer, preserve them by making herb butter, which just happens to be an excellent landing pad for a perfectly fried egg.

The oats, nuts, and fruit in this batter will start your day on the right nutritional foot—even with a generous glug of maple syrup poured over the top. A sage-infused vinaigrette and a dash of warming cinnamon take this citrusy dish one step further than most breakfast and brunch fruit salads. When shopping for this salad at the market, pick heavy, aromatic cantaloupes with stem ends that yield slightly when pressed.

This dish teaches a very important lesson: The texture of well-prepared eggs can be enhanced by adding complementary textural ingredients. Serve this meatless main—made by frying torn-up tortillas or tortilla chips with eggs, tomatoes, and cheese—for breakfast or whenever you need an authentic Tex-Mex experience. This is a simple scone with a bit of a makeover: glazed with sticky honey and generously smothered in clotted cream and tart rhubarb compote. Pancakes made of bananas and almond butter? Enough said. The protein here comes from the eggs, which also give these sweet, nutty pancakes a light, crepe-like texture.

Eat cake for breakfast all week with this version, made with nutrient-dense whole grain flours and an espresso-spiked Greek yogurt topping. Resting yeast-raised waffle batter overnight enhances their flavor and makes their texture wonderfully crisp and fluffy. We combined our favorite elements from the most popular banana bread recipes on our site to create the ultimate version of this sweet, nutty, supremely moist quick bread. These thinly-rolled pastries are made with both orange zest and juice for a full burst of sweet citrus flavor.

This sandwich combines the classic combo of pork and fennel, some heat from the red pepper flakes, and a gorgeous golden sunny-side-up egg. Perfect with English Muffins and a giant cup of joe. Knowing you have a bubbling hot breakfast waiting for you on a chilly morning makes getting out of bed so much easier.

Valentine's Day brunch recipes

Buttery, eggy brioche makes this French toast extra-decadent, but Southern-inspired buttered pecans and bourbon maple syrup take it over the top. Filled with ham, bell pepper, and onions, this diner classic is also sometimes called a "Denver Omelet. A flavorful, bready cake topped with tart sliced apples and an irresistible cinnamon-oat streusel. If the dough starts to soften as you form these, pop it back in the fridge for ten minutes to firm back up.

Waking up to the same breakfast day after day can be convenient and reliable, but it can get a bit boring. This breakfast cobbler is a great way to use pressure cooking in a less obvious way, and it simultaneously brings a delicious variation to your morning meal! Whether you're following a grain-free diet or not, this coconut, almond, and mixed seed granola is so good you'll never miss the oats.

Egg in Toast

Pillowy baked Dutch baby pancakes can be topped with countless combinations of your favorite savory brunch ingredients. Luscious, cheesy eggs baked inside prosciutto "baskets" make a craveable finger-friendly brunch main. Cathead biscuits are a Southern staple whose name refers to their large size about as big as a cat's head.

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The dough for this hand-rolled biscuit recipe is made by incorporating flour into the wet ingredients, instead of the reverse. The result is a fluffy rather than flaky biscuit, ready to be split and spread with flavorful honey butter. These thick slices of toast, slathered with cinnamon butter and topped with fruit, might just become your new favorite weekend morning indulgence. Step one: cut holes in two pieces of sourdough. Step two: fry eggs in those holes.

Step three: slap them together with crispy bacon, melty cheddar, and plenty of hot sauce.

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Forgot to dry out the challah for this pecan-crusted brunch dish? I also flattened a few of the edges and made a little bit of a point on the roll on the bottom of the heart. Then stick those puppies in the oven.

I cooked mine for about 22 minutes to make sure the middle rolls were done, but things cook differently everywhere, so keep an eye on them. While the cinnamon rolls are cooking, dye the included icing pink or red.

I just added two drops of food coloring to each pot of frosting and mixed it up. Author Kimber.

30 Easy Valentine's Day Brunch Recipes - Best Valentine's Breakfast Ideas

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Free Recipe Club. Instructions Preheat your oven to degrees F. When the cinnamon rolls are done, give them one minute to cool, then spread that frosting right on with a knife and let your little ones help you add some festive Valentine's sprinkles. Leave a Comment. You may also like