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Mental Side of Pickleball. Lets face it.

Almost all the instructions you see, hear or read about pickleball, involve becoming better with a certain shot or position. Seldom, if never, is there ever mentioned about the mental approach a player must have to take their game to a new level. The mental part is the thinking part of pickleball and it can be very complex.

The #1 Mistake Killing Your Pickleball Game

It can also accelerate your improvement beyond what your expectations seem to be. The mental side means understanding your own physical limitations and strengths, but how you apply them during a rally. Going one step farther this even applies to your partners. Much of the mental side of pickleball begins before a game even starts then gets more complex and important once play starts.

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It involves knowledge, awareness, anticipation and the ability to apply them before or during a game. I will not attempt to tackle any of these in this post but will in the next few weeks. So, as they say, stay tuned.

Pickleball - Avoid this Error – Don’t Rush the Shot

I hope you will find them beneficial and help elevate your game. Pickleball is a Gift. Sometimes when we realize how wonderful it is that we found the game of pickleball we have to stop and count our blessings and understand that in many ways pickleball really is a gift.

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Lost was their hope of every playing anything remotely in the form of a sport again. Sometimes people play in small groups of eight to ten. There are times though these groups will number in the hundreds. Whether big or small, new friends are found.

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Count how many dear friends you have acquired since you started playing pickleball. Pickleball importantly breeds social opportunities. Certainly there are some aches and pains. Its all part of the gift that pickleball gives to us every time we step onto the court.

11 Things You Can Do This Week To Change Your Pickleball Game Forever | Pickleball Kitchen

It keeps us going strong. The Dink Shot. To dink or not to dink, this is the question. In nearly every rally this is a question we face. At the highest level, pickleball is played with four players, all in position, inches from the non volley zone line exchanging dink shots over the net. When we first learned to play we were taught the importance of getting to the non volley zone line and to hit dink shots to gain advantage.

11 Things You Can Do This Week To Change Your Pickleball Game Forever

As pickleball players we are often guilty of solely training our physical and technical execution of various shots. We'll spend countless hours and thousands of repetitions hitting dinks, drops and drives -- all while the practicing and training of … [Read more The serve in pickleball represents a dichotomy of fundamental philosophies. On the one hand, pickleball "traditionalists" will argue that, because you can't win a point if you don't get your serve in, it's best not to take any chances and, instead, … [Read more Pickleball Tournaments.

For many, it may be your first time in a very long time of competing, perhaps since your "glory years" of high school when you were on the basketball, football, softball or debate teams.

Pickleball: The Mental Side by Harry W. Carpenter

Perhaps you didn't play sports prior to … [Read more We've all been there. We exhibit meteoric pickleball improvement and progress during the first several weeks or months of playing -- or perhaps, even years -- and then, we hit a performance plateau. We just can't seem to bust through any … [Read more I see it happen regularly in rec play.